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The Ways Your Donation Can Help

The Chassell Historical Organization exists solely upon membership dues and donations from people like you.  Any dollar amount that you can spare will always be put to good use either for maintenance of the building, for creating exhibits, storing and curating collections and artifacts, or for creating programming to be enjoyed by you and the rest of the community.


We are working towards providing our patrons universal accessible access into our building as well as handicap parking. Please consider a donation towards this project.


We welcome copies of your family history, genealogy, and pictures of your Chassell family to be shared with others who are searching for their roots. 


If you have a photograph or item that possesses historical importance related to Chassell and should be preserved in the museum, please contact our Curator, Mat Moore at

The Friends of Fashion appreciate donations of good quality vintage clothing and accessories to add to their collection.  Contact Sandi Engel at

Anything you would like added to the website, please email


Many of our patrons choose to memorialize a loved one with a donation to the CHO.  



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