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WWI Chassell Military  


 In 1919, The Daily Mining Gazette reported 106 people from Chassell served in the military in WWI. These men and women served in the Army, Navy, and Royal Canadian Army. Names in CAPS died in the war.    Do you have a name to add?


Aho, John A.    US Army

Archambeau, Adelore    US Army, Horseshoer

Archambeau, Adrian:    US Army Wagoner 107th Engineer Regiment, 32nd Red Arrow Division Army                    

Archambeau, (James) Treffle    US Army Wagoner Co. E 1st Army Headquarters Regiment

Barger, Alexander   PVT US Army Co. A 125 Inf 31st Div. and Co. H 325 Inf.

Barger, John Baptiste    Royal Canadian Army  Cpl 5th le. G. R.                             

Barringer, Joseph   US Army  PFC Class  30th Co. 2nd Battalion, 20th Engineers

BEAUCAGE, NAPOLEON   US Army PVT 38 INF   3 DIV MICHIGAN    Killed in Action OCT 13 1918

Belhumeur, Lawrence   US Army Wagoner Inf Co. E 1st Army HQS, RGT

Beck, Elmer  US Army Pvt Co K. Dev. BN No.3 ;  also 254 Field Hosp. Co. 14 Sanitary Train 14 Div.

Bezotte, Joseph  US Army  Co. C 107th Eng. 32nd Div. Company B Camp MacArthur, Waco, Texas;                         

Bouchard, Joseph   US Army 5th Ammunition Train 5th Div.

Brassaw, Howard   US Army Pvt. Co. D 130th Machine Gun Battalion

Brunelle, Grover   US Army Pvt. FIELD REMOUNT SQUADRON #303

Bussiere, Edward  US Army Pvt. Military Unit ASC  ST NAZAIRE CASUAL COMPANY #1613 (OHIO)

Caldwell, A. B    US Army 2nd Lieutenant  FARC Casuals (Field Artillery Regiment)

Chaput, Jerry    US Army PVT F.A. BATTERY C, 328TH FIELD

Cote, Albert   US Army Camp Custer A Co. 14 G. Btn.

Cote, Paul    US Army PVT Battery D 66th  Artillery

Craig, Leroy   US Army SGT.SR.GR. Co. "D" 146th Machine Gun Battalion;  REPAIR SECTION 15,GROUP D

                         REPAIR UNIT 322 M.T.C.

Craig, Mary F.   Res Nurse ANC Replacement Unit No 4  

Craig, Robert  US Army Sergeant COMPANY "A", 107TH REGIMENT OF ENGINEERS 32nd Div.

Destrampe, Paul E.  US Army Private 1st Class 249TH CO., MILITARY POLICE CORPS       

Diedrick, Joseph  US Army PFC; CHIEF MEC Co. A 107th Ammunition Train 32nd Red Arrow Division

Doyle, Norman    US Army  PVT  7th Division Trench Mortar Battery

Farver, Mary Ellen   Res Nurse ANC Replacement Unit No 4

Fish, Peter      US Navy  served 19 Apr 1918-30 Sept 1921 

Funk, Thomas V.  US ARMY PFC Company"B"107th Regiment Of Engineers

Gerard, Glynn   US Army Corporal Company E 337th Infantry 

Gerard, James L.   US ARMY   PVT 6th Provisional Co Engineers Replacement Service

Goodreau, Napoleon   US ARMY  PVT 11th Co. Casual Cantonment, Spruce Production

Girard, William H. US ARMY

Gray, Willard     US Army PFC Class 20th Engineers Dem. Group 9 Co. 

Hendrickson, Oscar ** MUSN 1 CL.  HQ. CO. 107 TH ENGRS  32nd Div.

Hendrickson, William E. – Pvt. Battery D. 8th Field Artillery 7th Div.

Holland, John T.    US Army Lt. Fr. Holland. Father John T. Holland was a native of Hancock, MI

                        He was the priest of St. Anne’s Catholic Church from 1917-1919.

Holappa, Arthur Emil  US Navy MICHIGAN CWT USNRF WWI

Holappa, Henry   US Navy

Hongakoski, Edward  US Army Pvt COMPANY "C" 11th MACHINE GUN BATTALION 

Hongakoski, Richard  US Army  

 Johnson, Anton D.  US Army PVT Company"B"107th Regiment Of Engineers

Kaarling, John   Cpl US Army Co G. 125th Inf.  

Kalliainen, Emil     Pvt US Army

Karppi, Jacob A.  US Army PVT Company "G"106th 31st Division Ammunition

Kohtala, John      US Army Pvt 320 Aux Rmt Depot QMC. 32nd Div.

Komula, John      US Army Pvt 23 Co. 160 Dep.

Koski, Henry A.    US Army

Lapierre, Jean Baptiste   Royal Canadian Army; Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force

Lafreniere, Euclid    US Army 51st Eng. Co G upon return 118 ENG CO F PFC

LaRue Louis   US Army   Sgt 52nd Aero SQ

Mathy Amie L.   His military record hasn’t been found, but he signed the original charter of the American

   Legion in Chassell in 1920.

Mattson, William   US Army PVT 1st Class Company "D" 2nd Battalion 604th Engineers, NA. Rank upon return

                                   Wagoner Engrs COMPANY E, 56TH ENGINEERS

Michaud, Desire     US Army Pvt 117th Machine Gun Battalion Co D 31st Div.

Miron, George E.   US Army PFC 284TH MILITARY POLICE

Misslitz, Frank A.   US Army Sgt 1st Class Company"B"107th Regiment       

MITCHELL, JOHN J.   Pvt Company F 34th Infantry; Killed in Action in France 3 Nov 1918

Ohman, John E.      Military record not found. He signed the original charter for the American Legion Post.

PEKKALA, WILLIAM O.   US Army MDNA Company 1 Camp Oglethorpe Replacement Draft Unit K

     Mobile Hospital; He died of pneumonia 5 Feb 1919 in France

Pekkala, Louis Herman  US Army 160th Depot Brigade

Perreault, Emil (Amil)   US Army PVT Co B 1st Army Headquarters Regiment on return PFC219TH COMPANY

                                          MILITARY POLICE CORPS 110TH BATTALION

Pertula, John   US Army Battery C 77th Field Artillery

Pidgeon, August P.  US Army Wagoner Co E 1st Army Headquarters Regiment

Richards, Alfred   US Army Pvt COMPANY "A" 16th ENGINEERS (RY) 

Ruotsi, Otto    Pvt US Army

Saari, Elmer    US Army served 15 Oct 1917- 29 Jun 1919; Camp Custer

Saari, Frans Oscar  US Army 28 served Aug 1918 to 17 Mar-1919

Saari, William   US Army PFC Camp Pike June Automatic Replacement Draft Infantry Co 4

                                COMPANY "B" FIRST AMMUNITION TRAIN

Sarazin, Julius   US Army  Wagoner CO. "E", 1ST. ARMY HEADQUARTERS REGT

Savalox, Alfred (Fred) US Army; served 24 May 1918-20 Mar 1919

SAUVOLA, CHARLES JOHN    US Army Cpl Co G 125th Infantry  32nd Div.; Killed in Action in France 31 July 1918

SAUVOLA, ERNEST  US Army Pvt Co L 126th Infantry 32nd Div. ;  Killed in Action in France  31 July 1918.

Sormunen, Elmer   US Army Pvt Battery D 325 Field Artillery 85th Div.

Soumis, William   US Army Cpl Art. Battery C 5th Field Artillery; Cavalry

Spahn, Albert  US Army Bugler 20th Engineer Regiment (Forest)

Spehar, Paul   US Army Sgt Co G 1st Div. 18th INF

Tormala, Arthur   This name was on a list of WWI veterans compiled by the CHO in the 1990’s.

      No military record found. DMG says Camp Custer 1917.

Tormala, Fred     US Army PVT Company "A" 107 Regiment 

Trudeau, Alfred   US Army PVT Company "C" Third Battalion 20th Engineers 9TH COMPANY, 20TH ENG.

Tredeau, Charles    US Army PVT BATTERY D, 333D FIELD ARTILLERY 86th Div. 

Tuomela, John August  US Army  2nd Casual Company, Camp Grant Replacement Draft,  Co. “E”18th Engineers              

Turovaara, Alfred  US Army  CAMP CUSTER DETACHMENT 157 INF Co. C 123rd Inf

Waisanen, Arnold   US Army PVT 107 ENG  ST. NAZAIRE CASUAL CO. # 110

Waisanen, Joseph Samuel US Army 2nd Lieut Company "G" 125th Infantry  32nd Div.

Ward, Angus  US Army  Pvt. Co. A  


Warner, Eldridge   US Army   Mech MD US Army Ambulance Section 650

Vaataja, John  US Army  PFC Co K 337th Infantry 

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